Packaging Design and Inventory Management Consulting

Providing brand development and marketing design services in the cannabis industry. Print media design, Social media maintenance, Canvassing Campaign Managment. Sourcing manufacturers for custom packaging solutions.


Cannabis Processing (what image/video here?)

  • Jarring of cannabis, concentrates, and edibles
  • Processing pre-rolls in various sizes, infusing with flower for pre-roll material
  • Sorting flower into small, medium, and large buds and popcorns for pre-roll material
  • Taking the weight of cannabis material with state-compliant balancing tools
  • Sourcing acceptable vape cartridges and disposable hardware and filling them with compliant material
  • Grinding flower to be prepared for pre-roll material or jars (whichever is needed)
  • Infuse and blend drinks, and edibles like gummies, chocolate, and other food products. -Infuse cooking commodity products in raw form like butter, oil, flour, etc. to be sold wholesale to other processors.


Flower City Distribution (what image/video here?)

Flower City Distro then distributes finished packaged goods to retailer, deliveries, consumption lounges and other Direct to Consumers (DTC) businesses for final sale.

Video Production

Check out some of the video work we've produced for some of our brands!



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